Sharing Food!

Do you have trouble deciding what to order at restaurants? I do..mainly because I want to try everything! I have found two solutions to this problem.
1.  Sharing Food
Order several main dishes or multiple appetizers and share across the table. When you are dining with friends, everyone can sample a mixture of the menu and split the bill. Or, in my boyfriend and I simply share half of our meal.
2. Visit Restaurants More Often
Yes, this may sound like the least practical choice. But, sometimes you just want to eat the whole cheeseburger! When every appetizer sounds drool worthy, you need to try them all:) So..each time you visit your fav restaurant make sure you venture out and explore the menu.
I have tried both options this week and my tastebuds thanked me. For Tasty Tuesday, my boyfriend and I took the pups to Crafted. We gorged on tacos, a rice bowl and mac n'cheese. Happily sharing our plates with each other.
Fast forward two days..with a friend visiting from out of state, we ventured back to Crafted. Hello?! Score on downtown dining again.  Ravenous when we seated, I wasn't eager to split my lunch and decided to order the burger.. just for me. Selfish, I know..but it was worth it! A gooey pimento cheese burger with a side of sweet potato chips. Ok..maybe I let everyone sample the chips:)