Lamb Gyro at the Grecian Corner

 Every city has a go to Gyro spot and I have found mine! I mean, who doesn't like a meat and veggie filled pita? The Grecian Corner in Winston Salem is nestled below I-40 near Baptist Hospital. The old diner atmosphere is filled with the aroma of greek spices. There is always a cake dish full of fresh baklava and friendly people behind the counter.
When I head to this popular lunch destination, I have one thing on my mind...the classic gyro!
Maybe its the crispy pita, or the spicy onions, or the most delicious tzaziki sauce..but this wrap just slaps you in the face with flavor. I hate to say I haven't tried anything else on the menu, because I am addicted to the gyro. I mean when my taste buds crave a favorite, I just can't deny them:) If you know a dish I should try..send me your recommendation!