Italian Cravings Satisfied at Mozzarella Fellas


If you don't love cheese and bread, you are in denial! I can smell pizza from a mile joke:)
This week's Tasty Tuesday adventure brought me to a delightful Italian eatery, Mozzarella Fellas. The only thing I would change about this should be closer to my house!!  Super friendly staff, fabulous food, and an affordable price.
Having lunch with a fellow cheese lover, means ordering fried mozzarella. Probably the best I have had in my foodie journeys thus far! We devoured...then ordered entrees:)
 cheese stix-1clogo
After a quick glance at the menu, we both agreed bread filled with meat and cheese was the way to go. I ordered a pepperoni and mushroom calzone. Melissa decided upon the ham and pepperoni stromboli. Can you see why I like to eat with her?
Perfect crust cut open to reveal a hot delectable satisfaction.  I jokingly commented about licking the tray...but I behaved:)
Need a new lunch locale, or looking for a great place to indulge your pizza and pasta cravings? Try Mozzarella Fellas in Winston Salem, they offer vegan friendly options, sandwiches, salads and more. I know I am looking forward to my next visit!