Summer Time Watermelon

watermelon-1BLOGO I look forward to cold watermelon all year!

My mother used to slice a small melon into quarters. She would place one for each of us on a tray (either a pizza pan or cookie dish). We would sit on the floor in the kitchen or on the back porch with a big spoon and devour them.

I've never mastered the art of melon balls or perfectly symmetrical slices. Basically I just cut until I can break the rind with my hands. I purchase the seedless variety so I can eat without interruption.

My neighbor growing up always sprinkled his with salt! Which of course I thought was disgusting and a waste of perfectly good watermelon. Sorry if thats your preference, but to me it tastes like pool water.

Corking watermelons for a fruity cocktail is definitely a must do! Also, if you have a Cook Out drive thru close by, the watermelon milkshake during July is heavenly:)