Eating My Way Through Seattle Part 3

My final day in Seattle began with a skinny vanilla chai latte from Starbucks. Since this is where Starbucks originated, I felt like I should pay homage. Sometimes I can really be a tourist...I know. From there we set off to meet some friends for a trip to San Juan Island. The Puget Sound has always been on my bucket list. This being my first trip, I was crossing my fingers to spy an Orca. (I totally cried and fell in love with Free Willy) Flying over the water in a friends helicopter gave me a perfect viewing point for black and white fish. Unfortunately all I saw were seals and birds:( Don't get me wrong, the view is gorgeous and I have a new love for the PNW. Next time I plan to allow more time for whale watching!

Now, onto lunch at the Roche Harbour Marina. Anytime I can be near the water, my soul smiles. Walking through the docked boats while Beaver Planes land in the sound changes your perspective on transportation. With a grumbly belly we found a perfect table overlooking the waterway.



Surprise surprise, I ordered calamari for an appetizer. I don't normally eat a lot of fried foods, but geez these guys were so yummy. I mean it's not that often you get super fresh pacific seafood while relaxing on an island. ( I should visit more islands)


Main tacos baby!! Fresh fish, slaw with creamy dressing,  topped with salsa/avacado crema. Holy goodness!

fidh tacos-1BLOGO

Full from another fabulous day of seafood and breathtaking scenery, we flew back to the mainland. Seattle, I will definitely be back soon. So many places I have yet to discover and food that needs to be tasted. One dessert I must share with you are the PB&J bon bons at Local 360. Hate I wasn't able to get a photo, but trust me they are fabulous!

So long PNW:)!