Avocado Deviled Eggs


The incredible edible egg!!..Sorry, I had to:) So, being from the south I have tried many versions of the deviled egg. Every southern lady has her own take on this classic concoction. Cookouts, holidays, reunions, birthdays, luncheons, etc...these babies go with just about any food event. Being a deviled egg Connoisseur, I have finally found the right formula for my taste buds.
Yes, they have avocado and splash of pickle juice!!
I like to taste as I cook, so don't hold me to the measurements...just adjust yours as needed:)
Dozen large eggs (why skimp..you know you will eat them for breakfast the next day)
1 large avacado
white vinegar
pickle juice
mayonaise (Duke's of course)
yellow mustard
Boil eggs for 10-15min
Place eggs in large bowl and cool with tap water (seriously..took me a while to figure this out as I burned my fingers peeling eggs..where is Mom when you need common sense?)
Cut eggs in half and place cooked yolks in a bowl
Mix ingredients in a bowl..I add a good splash or two of white vinegar, 1tsp of pickle juice and squirt mayo and mustard as needed to make mixture creamy and tangy..I use more mustard than mayo..let the avocado work for most of your mayo needs
spoon mixture into empty egg halves then sprinkle with paprika
Store in fridge..because they are so much better cold!