Snacks and glass of wine!

I love to snack!! Especially on fruit, crackers, and cheese. The hardest part is knowing when to stop:) snacks-2C

Friday night was a perfect low key, chill at home and eat goodies while watching tv kinda night. Being a huge Game of Thrones fan I needed to catch up on last week's episode. Made a quick run to Trader Joe's for essentials, grabbing pears, goat cheese, crackers, and trail mix. If your gonna sit on the couch and stuff your face, its good to try the healthy route.

With two dogs and my awesome boyfriend, we ate, we snuggled, we watched dragons lol

Snack Tray:

Bite size everything crackers

Garlic and Herb goat cheese

Fresh Pear slices

Cranberry, walnut, and pumpkin seed trail mix

Two glasses of Shiraz:)



Brunch at Pinewood Social Nashville

breakfast-1BLOGO I've been super busy over the last week, but don't worry I was still eating! One of my favorite cities to visit and dine is Nashville, TN. I'm pretty confident I could gain twenty pounds in one weekend. Nashville is overflowing with amazing restaurants, its a must stop for any foodie!

Brunch on Sunday with friends is something to never miss. Especially when you are going to Pinewood Social. Coffee to cocktails, delicious meals, bowling and a trendy atmosphere...HELLO..what is there not to love:)

Mocha Lattes are completely irresistible, so I never turn them down. Paired with a salmon toast, including goat cheese and tomatoes, brunch is served. I waited all morning on an empty stomach, just so I had room for everything. Seriously, you must plan these things!




salmon toast-1BLOGO

Ok, so I may have shared a bite or two of toast with my boyfriend. Mostly because then I could try his Reuben Benedict..score! Corned beef, hollandaise, and a poached egg with potato wedges. He is such a sucker for Benedict and potatoes.

salmon toast-2bLOGO

egg toast-1BLOGO

The problem with all this delicious food is that I want everything on the menu. So, next visit it will be chicken & biscuits with gravy and a little bowling:)


Flourless Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Today's reward for running a couple miles shall be cookies!! Yes, halfway through my run I decided chocolate and bananas were waiting for me at home:) In an effort to eat healthy, I no longer purchase packaged cookies from the grocery store. Oh Oreos..I miss you so much it hurts! Ok..back on track, my first attempt at flourless cookies turned out amazing..(patting self on the back) Quick to make and guilt free eating, you must try these.
3 over ripe bananas (the older the sweeter)
1 1/2 cups dry oatmeal
sprinkle in some cacao nibs and dark chocolate chips (I just eyeball a good amount)
chop and mix in walnuts (ditto^)
Mix together..Boom! That's it!
Spoon onto cooking sheet..mash into shape (they won't spread like regular cookies)
Bake 15 min at 350
Cool on cookie tray and enjoy your reward for working out:)!!