Oak Island Cocktail


 The Beach is my 'Happy Place'! Taking my own prescription for salt water therapy, I headed down to Oak Island last week. I'm not big into tourist attractions.  So, when I reach the coast, I want to put my feet in the sand, eat seafood, and drink mixed drinks while I stare at the ocean. That's it...I am completely content for days, just reading while my beagle hunts for crabs.
North Carolina is not quite a tropical paradise..although with enough coconut rum it can taste like one:) I may like to drink dark beers, but when it comes to cocktails fruit is king. If you are headed to the beach try my newly concocted "Oak Island"!
Coconut Rum
Banana Rum
Peach Schnaaps
Mango/Pineapple/Cranberry Juice
Fresh Banana
Handful of Fresh Strawberries
Either one or two shots of each Rum and Schnaaps
1-2 cups of Juice
Add Fruit
2-3 cups of Ice
Poor a tall glass, grab a book, nestle into your rocking chair, breathe in the salty air and relax..enjoy day drinking on your vacation:)