Eating My Way Through Seattle Part 3

My final day in Seattle began with a skinny vanilla chai latte from Starbucks. Since this is where Starbucks originated, I felt like I should pay homage. Sometimes I can really be a tourist...I know. From there we set off to meet some friends for a trip to San Juan Island. The Puget Sound has always been on my bucket list. This being my first trip, I was crossing my fingers to spy an Orca. (I totally cried and fell in love with Free Willy) Flying over the water in a friends helicopter gave me a perfect viewing point for black and white fish. Unfortunately all I saw were seals and birds:( Don't get me wrong, the view is gorgeous and I have a new love for the PNW. Next time I plan to allow more time for whale watching!

Now, onto lunch at the Roche Harbour Marina. Anytime I can be near the water, my soul smiles. Walking through the docked boats while Beaver Planes land in the sound changes your perspective on transportation. With a grumbly belly we found a perfect table overlooking the waterway.



Surprise surprise, I ordered calamari for an appetizer. I don't normally eat a lot of fried foods, but geez these guys were so yummy. I mean it's not that often you get super fresh pacific seafood while relaxing on an island. ( I should visit more islands)


Main tacos baby!! Fresh fish, slaw with creamy dressing,  topped with salsa/avacado crema. Holy goodness!

fidh tacos-1BLOGO

Full from another fabulous day of seafood and breathtaking scenery, we flew back to the mainland. Seattle, I will definitely be back soon. So many places I have yet to discover and food that needs to be tasted. One dessert I must share with you are the PB&J bon bons at Local 360. Hate I wasn't able to get a photo, but trust me they are fabulous!

So long PNW:)!

Eating My Way Through Seattle (part 2)

Bright and early Wednesday morning I hustled back to the Pike Place Market for fresh fruit and coffee. Snacking on blackberries while sipping on a mocha latte from the Crumpet Shop began my exploration day. By this, I mean walking around shopping and eating of course:) market-1BLOGO

I must say there are a TON of restaurants and stores in the downtown Seattle area! Counting at least 10 Starbucks, I did make it by the original, but the line was too long. Flip flopping my way into several boutiques and purchasing a super cute dress at All Saints, I quickly worked up an appetite. Yes, I said flip flops! (new sneakers for travel on my to do list)

Where to go for lunch? A friendly recommendation led me to Lecosho. This stylish eatery was nestled in the corner of the Harbor Steps. My camera and I sat down at a lovely outdoor patio perfect for relaxing. Everything on the menu was enticing, but I settled on the tuna melt with a side salad. I am not exaggerating when I say 'best tuna melt' I've ever had! Flavor slap in the face!

Tuna Melt~ house-poached albacore tuna, mama lil's mustard pickle relish & gruyere on toasted potato bread






Eating My Way Through Seattle (part 1)

Well the title of this blog pretty much sums it up! Last week I took a four day trip to Seattle with my boyfriend. This being my first visit to the Emerald City and I was super excited to visit the market and taste all the goodies. I love to explore any downtown on foot, so upon arrival off we trekked for a happy hour cocktail/appetizer. After a long flight, all I want to do is eat..don't you?! Now even though I shlepped my camera pack with me everywhere on this trip and have the back muscles to prove it...I didn't get pics of every dish. Mainly due to eating most of it before my camera left the bag..whoops! But, I will share with you all of my yummy adventures. (On my next trip I will be sure to pack flash for indoor shots.)

First stop..the Yard House, hello Happy Hour beer flight and fried calamari! New state with lots of breweries means sipping multiple flavors:) The chosen four were: House Honey Blonde (um honey duh had to!!), Beaver PB, Pauline Hefe-Weizen, and the Alaskan White.  Loved the calamari, big pieces and roasted jalapeño tartar..whoa! Not a drop or a crumb was left.



With full bellies and restless legs we headed to the Pike Place Market to explore.(Check out more Seattle Hot Spots). Everyone has told me to visit the Pike Fish Market to watch them throw the fish while singing sea shanties. If my hotel had a stove or grille, you can bet your butt I would have stocked up on crab legs, rock fish, and shrimp! The good news is that they ship nationwide, score!!

Pike Fish definitely blew me away with their fresh supply and outgoing personalities. These guys know how to charm the crowd:) Its obvious they love their jobs. Next time, I want to catch a fish!!







Snacks and glass of wine!

I love to snack!! Especially on fruit, crackers, and cheese. The hardest part is knowing when to stop:) snacks-2C

Friday night was a perfect low key, chill at home and eat goodies while watching tv kinda night. Being a huge Game of Thrones fan I needed to catch up on last week's episode. Made a quick run to Trader Joe's for essentials, grabbing pears, goat cheese, crackers, and trail mix. If your gonna sit on the couch and stuff your face, its good to try the healthy route.

With two dogs and my awesome boyfriend, we ate, we snuggled, we watched dragons lol

Snack Tray:

Bite size everything crackers

Garlic and Herb goat cheese

Fresh Pear slices

Cranberry, walnut, and pumpkin seed trail mix

Two glasses of Shiraz:)



Cooking Classes at Southern Home and Kitchen

KITCHEN-2BLOGO My cooking skills stem from watching my mom, Chopped, and Master Chef with lots of experiments following online recipes. Basically I get a craving, look up lots of ideas then through trial and error end up with something edible. This is why I am better behind the camera than in front of the stove. But, I will say that my culinary/baking skills are improving. I haven't had to many companies or leftovers recently..Yay!!

I do love to eat and have a foodie palate that has me trying everything in sight. Which led me to the doors of Southern Home and Kitchen in Winston Salem, NC.  A delightful kitchen essentials store offering cooking classes.

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph the 'Main Dish Pasta Salads' instruction taught by Chef Michael Hastings. When I arrived, the counter was set for guests and I could smell chicken and pork chops sizzling in an iron skillet. Hello...these are my kinda people:)!


Three different pasta salads were developed, shrimp, pork, and chicken. Each with a unique twist of flavors amongst contrasting noodles. Fresh ingredients of vegetables, peaches, and seasonings had my mouth watering. I had to lower my camera to enjoy the basil aroma that filled the room.


Unfortunately I can't share any recipes with you today, but I can recommend joining a class! The best way to learn is to get started and see what you can do. I learned so much by just watching in between pics. So excited to try my hand at poaching peaches as well as making my own salad dressing..stay tuned this could get interesting!



Summer Time Watermelon

watermelon-1BLOGO I look forward to cold watermelon all year!

My mother used to slice a small melon into quarters. She would place one for each of us on a tray (either a pizza pan or cookie dish). We would sit on the floor in the kitchen or on the back porch with a big spoon and devour them.

I've never mastered the art of melon balls or perfectly symmetrical slices. Basically I just cut until I can break the rind with my hands. I purchase the seedless variety so I can eat without interruption.

My neighbor growing up always sprinkled his with salt! Which of course I thought was disgusting and a waste of perfectly good watermelon. Sorry if thats your preference, but to me it tastes like pool water.

Corking watermelons for a fruity cocktail is definitely a must do! Also, if you have a Cook Out drive thru close by, the watermelon milkshake during July is heavenly:)

Sharing Food!

Do you have trouble deciding what to order at restaurants? I do..mainly because I want to try everything! I have found two solutions to this problem.
1.  Sharing Food
Order several main dishes or multiple appetizers and share across the table. When you are dining with friends, everyone can sample a mixture of the menu and split the bill. Or, in my boyfriend and I simply share half of our meal.
2. Visit Restaurants More Often
Yes, this may sound like the least practical choice. But, sometimes you just want to eat the whole cheeseburger! When every appetizer sounds drool worthy, you need to try them all:) So..each time you visit your fav restaurant make sure you venture out and explore the menu.
I have tried both options this week and my tastebuds thanked me. For Tasty Tuesday, my boyfriend and I took the pups to Crafted. We gorged on tacos, a rice bowl and mac n'cheese. Happily sharing our plates with each other.
Fast forward two days..with a friend visiting from out of state, we ventured back to Crafted. Hello?! Score on downtown dining again.  Ravenous when we seated, I wasn't eager to split my lunch and decided to order the burger.. just for me. Selfish, I know..but it was worth it! A gooey pimento cheese burger with a side of sweet potato chips. Ok..maybe I let everyone sample the chips:)