Brunch at Pinewood Social Nashville

breakfast-1BLOGO I've been super busy over the last week, but don't worry I was still eating! One of my favorite cities to visit and dine is Nashville, TN. I'm pretty confident I could gain twenty pounds in one weekend. Nashville is overflowing with amazing restaurants, its a must stop for any foodie!

Brunch on Sunday with friends is something to never miss. Especially when you are going to Pinewood Social. Coffee to cocktails, delicious meals, bowling and a trendy atmosphere...HELLO..what is there not to love:)

Mocha Lattes are completely irresistible, so I never turn them down. Paired with a salmon toast, including goat cheese and tomatoes, brunch is served. I waited all morning on an empty stomach, just so I had room for everything. Seriously, you must plan these things!




salmon toast-1BLOGO

Ok, so I may have shared a bite or two of toast with my boyfriend. Mostly because then I could try his Reuben Benedict..score! Corned beef, hollandaise, and a poached egg with potato wedges. He is such a sucker for Benedict and potatoes.

salmon toast-2bLOGO

egg toast-1BLOGO

The problem with all this delicious food is that I want everything on the menu. So, next visit it will be chicken & biscuits with gravy and a little bowling:)


Lunch at Burger Batch

When a burger craving hits, I start dreaming of melted cheese and juicy beef! There are few menu items  as satisfying as a good burger..just saying. I could really eat any version, no pickiness here:) My recent topping requests are pimento cheese, onions, and bbq sauce. The Burger Batch in downtown Winston Salem has burger and shake enthusiasts lining up out the door. Let's just say this beauty left no crumb behind and I licked my fingers in public!
Did I mention the sweet potato tots?! If you are looking for a place to cheat on your salad with a list of fabulous burgers, tacos, sides, and a cold me at Burger Batch!
Next time I will try the Smore Shake!! Stay tuned...:)



Lamb Gyro at the Grecian Corner

 Every city has a go to Gyro spot and I have found mine! I mean, who doesn't like a meat and veggie filled pita? The Grecian Corner in Winston Salem is nestled below I-40 near Baptist Hospital. The old diner atmosphere is filled with the aroma of greek spices. There is always a cake dish full of fresh baklava and friendly people behind the counter.
When I head to this popular lunch destination, I have one thing on my mind...the classic gyro!
Maybe its the crispy pita, or the spicy onions, or the most delicious tzaziki sauce..but this wrap just slaps you in the face with flavor. I hate to say I haven't tried anything else on the menu, because I am addicted to the gyro. I mean when my taste buds crave a favorite, I just can't deny them:) If you know a dish I should try..send me your recommendation!